Friday, 31 August 2012

.Blue Anarchy.

My crazy photographer Margot!

 I adore that blue electric colour so i thought to use it in order to give some life to that old factory. I decided to show how a pair off shoes can make another outfit even if the dress is excactly the same.. so we have a rock girly style and another simply girly..

[dress_Bershka, necklace_H&M, purse_Accessorize, shoes_Stradivarius, boots_vintage]
Hope u like it,

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

.Camel chic.


That's my first look and I'm really excited about this.For years I've been looking this abandoned train and that  challenged me to give it the movement that lacked.The outfit is simple but inspired.The  colours combination  is ordinery but i believe that the hairstyling and the earrings adds it a little sparkle.

[pnts _Asos, shirt_Zara, bag_Asos, shoes_stadivarius, earrings_H&M]

I hope u like it,