Wednesday, 18 September 2013

. Day Night .

Hey you!!! It's Autumn (yes yes...) and i try to show you one outfit which is called ''Day Night''..this outfit combines my lovely skirt with a simple shirt..
Day: wear it with your biker boots.. 
Night: wear it with your heels..

Tell me your opinion..which outfit do you prefer more??

[skirt,bag(outfit1)_H&M, shirt_Pull and Bear,heels_Zara,bag(outfit2)_Fullah Sugah]

Hope u like!!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

.Denim On at H&M.

   Hello!! here i am with a new post..on Thursday I went for a walk in the center of Athens in order to attend an event at my favorite brand H&M. The event celebrated our forever loved denims! In specific, that day you could find denim items in special prices and more interestingly you could decorate them as you wanted! I am sure that all of us have denim items that we have been bored with, but a denim is never useless....we can make our old denims like new ones without spending no money (ok almost no money) just by using only our imagination and our sense of style!My outifit combines a funky dress with my favorite jeans jacket in this season..also this hat is lovely.... Hats are more than needed for any fashion girl!!
 Hope u like!!

[outfit by H&M]


Thursday, 5 September 2013

.Kimono Jumpsuit.

  I know it has been a long time since my last post but I really had a very busy programme due to my university exams! I really missed the world of blogging and I promise not to be away for so long...regarding the above styling i believe that is the suitable for this weather...a cozy jumpsuit which has details of kimono style is a clever  chic solution for every moment of the day!! This season the japanese style will be the" must have"...
What is your opinion?
I hope you like!!!

[jumpsuit,heels_Zara,clutch_Axilleas accessories]

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